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Who is Knowriel?

Practically learn for FREE. Knowriel.com is a free educational portal for students, professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners and investors. It is a Knowledge and Information Guide for study, business and career. We offer free resources like books, courses, lists, and brochures that would hep you learn. We also provide coaching, consulting, tutorial, and professional services for business startup and development at an affordable price. We are based in the Philippines. Knowriel.com is an advocate of free to affordable quality education for all.

In this website you can for FREE:

  • Request copy of reports, articles and learning materials

  • Download mastery-curated Course Guides

  • Borrow Books under certain terms and conditions

  • Ask for professional study, career, and business advise

  • Create Projects, Collections and learn from Forums

  • Get more reliable knowledge and information

*Affordable/Paid services is just an alternative option.


Thru this website, and your initiatives to learn, you can definitely:

  • Be hired on the job you’re aiming or dreaming for

  • Master skills and get them to work for you

  • Improve your knowledge and get promoted in the job

  • Qualify on sponsorship/study programs your wish to join

  • Start and grow your business the way you want it to


How Knowriel.com will make it possible?

I'm a Student
I want to improve my learning curve.
I'm a Professional
I want to climb the corporate ladder.
I'm an Entrepreneur
I want to start a business.

Knowriel is your guide on your learning journey.

Start learning now - for FREE.


We need your support.

FREE TO AFFORDABLE QUALITY EDUCATION would be impossible to achieve without the support of people who believes in this idea. At present, Knowriel is getting funds from the professional services offered by its founder, more often the case from his own pocket. This is a challenging task and we need your help to keep this website up and running with useful educational contents. Help us create more useful Course Guides which learners can download for free. Your support is further extended in fulfilling our advocacy for affordable to free education for all. At present, we are supporting ProjectPilipinas.com on its mission to help the Filipinos of the Philippines. Your donation is much appreciated. Alternatively, you may also buy a copy of our "The Guide" books. To purchase, please visit The Store. Portion of the proceeds will go to the donation funds. Thank you in advance. For more details about the donation, please click the "Donate Now" button.


Gen. Trias, Cavite, Philippines

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